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“This book is like a how-to manual on how to avoid the traps in life personal and professional. It also serves as a handbook on growth. Definitely a must read for any up and coming professional or anyone looking for personal growth.”


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“The Growth Trap is a Must-Read for anyone who is looking to achieve growth in their personal and business life and are ready to level up their game. We all experience Growth Traps throughout our careers and this book helps you overcome them.”


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“Ralph’ story is inspiring and relatable to all people. The stories gave me perspective around my own “Growth Trap” Situations and helped me think differently about leveling up in my own industry of work.”

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The Need For Intentional Growth

69% of people feel trapped in their same old routine and 40% feel unhappy with their lives.[1]

Why are so many of us feel lost and unfulfilled? Could it be that we are stuck in a growth trap?

Throughout our early years, natural growth occurs in our minds and bodies. However, once we reach adulthood, this growth stops UNLESS we intentionally learn and grow through self development and improvement.

To begin our journey, we must break out of our own “Growth Trap” and begin taking action NOW!

5 Things You'll Learn From
The Growth Trap

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62% Of People Grow Smarter

when they set intentional goals [2]

57% Of People Have Less Stress

when they employ habits of growth [2]

33% Of People Improve Relationships

when they make changes to their habits [2]

7 KEY CONCEPTS IN The Growth Trap


People suffer through adolescent growth traps, social growth
traps, romantic growth traps, physical growth traps, and
professional growth traps. Some types of growth traps are
unique to groups of people, rather than individuals. For example,
companies may fall into a stagnating pattern that they need to
climb out of if they want to remain competitive.


Once you begin to implement your growth plan, don’t be
afraid to make adjustments along the way. In fact, mistakes are
inevitable on the path to improvement. Most great leaders suffer
many losses during their lifetimes. The key is to recognize when
your growth plan is not working and to make changes before
mistakes begin to compound. Replace ego with self-critical
discipline, and you won't have any trouble modifying your
growth plan.


Intentional growth is made much easier if you first develop a
plan for yourself. Figure out which daily, incremental steps you
need to execute in order to improve. Mistakes are inevitable, but
how you react is not. Instead of giving up or letting frustration
control you, make adjustments to your plan so that you can turn
the ship around and continue to intentionally grow. The most
fundamental requirement to grow intentionally is to get up
every day and improve over who you were yesterday. Never
allow yourself to “cruise” from one day to the next.


Pursuing only goals that are easy to accomplish is one of the
greatest obstacles to growth. I guarantee that no effortless task
will produce any personal growth or progress. The hard road, on
the other hand, forces us to grow. The hard road will make us
better every single day that we choose to go down it.


Mistakes are a sign that we're actively working toward a win.
This is one reason why it’s okay to fail. In fact, it’s actually your
mission to fail. Times of failure are when you will learn all of the
lessons that you'll need to eventually succeed. No one wins all of
the time, no one reaches greatness by protecting themselves
from losses. It is the losses that make you strong enough to do
things you never thought you could.


If we want to avoid getting trapped by the constant changes
of life, we need to become adaptable. I used to resist change. The
mere thought of it gave me intense anxiety, and so I’d avoid it at
all costs. Looking back, a lot of my growth traps were caused
simply by my irrational resistance to change.


When your business takes a financial hit or when projects fail
— and they will—the most important thing you can do is move
forward, stay consistent, and find a quick solution. Standing still
will never, ever get your business where it needs to be. As an
entrepreneur, you will need to pivot fast and often. Failure is
not a death sentence, it’s fuel for business and personal growth.

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Meet Author Ralph DiBugnara

Focus On The Roadmap. Not The Results

Dissatisfied with the endless carousel of stories lauding entrepreneurs who started with nothing and built themselves an empire, Ralph’s aim is to provide the roadmap, not the results.

The figures of success are easy to find, but they don’t tell the whole story. Whether you’re looking for advice to secure your first property or you’re an agent looking to develop your brand, what’s left unsaid is HOW success stories come to pass.

What steps were taken? Were there times when obstacles seemed insurmountable? How can you know when you’re moving in the right direction? What struggles need to be overcome?

An entrepreneur himself, Ralph took all of these questions into consideration and emerged with an idea to provide the answers, in the form of a roadmap anyone can follow. Ralph’s goal is to help others find their path to success in the ever-changing world of 21st century real estate, using the roadmap he created throughout his life..

Having created a network for thousands of agents, investors, and developers worldwide, Ralph provides the opportunity to not only make connections, but access the secrets and brand building strategies of the leading real estate experts in the world.

"I’m on a mission to empower the next generation to grow successful careers, live successful lives, and become future leaders."


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