Ralph DiBugnara

Speaker. Branding Expert. Best-Selling Author. World Real Estate & Mortgage Leader

~ Forbes Real Estate Council member since 2019


Ralph DiBugnara

Ralph DiBugnara is a nationally recognized real estate expert who serves as President of Home Qualified – the digital resource for buyers, sellers and real estate agents driving today’s millennial market; and Vice President at Cardinal Financial, a nationally recognized mortgage loan company behind $28 billions of closed loans. A frequent industry commentator, Ralph is considered one of the leading voices across the next big trends in real estate.

Ralph grew up in Brooklyn, New York among humble surroundings. His experience growing up in a blue-collar background, learning from a father working multiple jobs to put food on the table, built his foundational belief that hard work can overcome any obstacle. Through his experiences in work and life, Ralph believes the most important tool anyone can have, is mindset.

An entrepreneur at heart – Ralph builds businesses and advises individuals to create wealth through real estate, personal branding and their own business ventures. As one of the most successful personalities in the highly competitive real estate industry, Ralph aims to use and apply his story to help others in real estate achieve their own success.

Millennial Advocate

Helping millennials navigate the property market with a laser focus on the trends of the 21st century real estate game.

Real Estate Investor & Advisor

President of Home Qualified, the digital resource for the buyers, sellers and real estate agents driving today’s millennial market.

Finance Hacker

A radically innovative thinker applying relentless and ferocious strategies to unlock more financing options for smarter investing.


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Thought Leadership

Ralph is an internationally recognized commentator and influencer on the millennial real estate market

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Ralph DiBugnara’s Exciting 2021 Brings a New Docuseries, Leadership Academy for Underserved Youth in Need

Many face adversity, and many overcome it to become successful. Ralph DiBugnara is no different. He acknowledges that his story is not unique and yet,

Ralph Is Featured in

Real Estate Entrepreneur

Motivated to break the generational struggle, Ralph DiBugnara overcame many challenges to get where he is today. Now, a leading mortgage banker and real estate guru, Ralph uses the experiences of his life alongside his industry knowledge to support the next generation of property investors to leverage their own success in the industry.

Career loans closed totalling…


On September 15, 2008, the subprime mortgage industry collapsed, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, and Ralph’s mortgage business faced imminent closure. Through the belief that success is never a straight line, Ralph embraced the need to improvise and adapt, emerging from the chaos and rebuilding both his business and his personal brand.

“I am always prepared to weather the storm. My business survived through the 2008 financial crisis while most other companies closed their doors. This made one thing clear, that I and my team know how to effectively operate through stormy waters – and in the real estate industry, this is a must,”

Driven to use his past failures and current success to empower others, Ralph is redefining the role of the banker in today’s buyer-centric real estate market.

What is Home Qualified?

Whether you’re a first time homebuyer or looking to buy your next home, making the right choices is the difference between growing wealth…or losing it.

Home Qualified is the 100% free all-in-one digital resource for buyers, sellers and real estate agents looking for support, guidance and financial assistance.

As President of Home Qualified, Ralph is at the forefront of leadership for today’s millennial real estate investors. With special programs for first time homebuyers and special discounts available up front, the entire home buying process is made simple and attainable.

You’ve dreamt of finding the perfect house. Home Qualified pulls that dream into reality.

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$40 billion

Career loan closures totalling

$15 million

Personal real estate portfolio in excess

$3 billion

Expected to close 3 billion in 2021


Vicky Llerena

I would never imagine, living in NJ, my first Airbnb property would be out of state. I  was able to really have the confidence to invest in my first short-term rental out of state. Ralph really guided me through the process of running my numbers and using the tools and the platforms to understand my ROI. I’ve really seen the return on investment in a short-term rental property. It is through his leadership, his guidance, and his strategies that gave me the confidence to invest in my first Airbnb property.”

Pete Kontrafouris

Ralph is a true leader and a great partner of mine since we met. Answers faster than anyone I’ve ever needed to contact. Master of his craft and a visionary.”

Tasha Osbourne

“This company is doing all the “right” things- They have done the groundwork- The knowledge you receive is solid and is updated regularly as the market shifts.  AMAZING mentors! They build a strong family-like community and everyone keeps each other encouraged and accountable in so many inspiring ways! They have developed a successful Real Estate Investment business that runs on autopilot. They are personable and approachable.”

Jeff VanNote

Ralphs’s most admirable quality is his pride. No matter how successful he is or gets he always replies to a call, text, or email. That says a lot about who he is and why he does what he does.

Kim Roman

“Ralph is a huge inspiration and the real estate guru I always wanted as a mentor. We have many of the same goals and I look up to him. Ironically, speaking with Vicky one day, I shared that I’m a realtor in NJ and PA. I shared my goals and how I also own several Airbnbs myself. She referred me to Ralph and I was his buyer’s agent for his Airbnb in the Poconos. He’s been very successful with that property ever since! I highly recommend getting short-term rentals to everyone. It’s such a great investment and the ROI is fast.”

Mayte Pichirilo

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ralph for the past year and a half trying to find luxury real estate and high-end properties to service short-term rentals. He wants to provide nothing but great service for his clients and that’s exactly the type of properties that we’re looking into. Some people may call someone like Ralph an influencer, what I call him is a mentor, a life coach. Someone that can guide us in real estate. I’m not the newest of realtors, but it’s always nice to find someone that can predict the future, what’s coming and somebody with the knowledge that can let us know what to look for and what the future is bringing. So, I go on Ralph’s page every so often and I follow his guidance.”